Workout time.

So when I became ill around January of 2010, and until I was diagnosed with APS and Lupus in June of 2010 and February of 2011 (respectively), I lost a lot of weight. While I wouldn’t have considered myself overweight – I could have stood to lose a few pounds and the illness helped that right along.

Fast forward to now – the pain is under control with meds and I’ve gone right back to my bad eating habits and l promptly gained back all the weight that I had lost. So this Saturday I decided to go to boot camp. Actually, a friend of mine runs an exercise boot camp during the summer and I finally got up the nerve to give it a try….

I now every muscle in my body is rebelling. I woke up this morning barely able to move. While I told my trainer about my illness (for me my Lupus is primarily severe joint pain, migraines, facial numbness, and memory fogs along with blood clots) most people don’t understand what exactly it is… I look healthy and therefore I should be able to keep up with the rest of the people at the boot camp… Not exactly. I tried but I’m pretty sure that I over did it and next time I will have to control my competitive nature and go at a pace that is more in line with my ability.

But what really struck me as interesting was – that while the group that I was working out with and my trainer all knew of my disorder no one thought twice about the fact that it could limit my ability… But when the topic turned to Venus Williams and her recent withdrawal from the U.S. Open, most of the girls were sympathetic and interested in why she had withdrawn.

The reason – Sjogrens disorder, a disorder commonly found in patients that also have lupus. If an athletic person of Venus Williams’s caliber had to pull out of a major competition due to her illness – why is it had to believe that an ordinary woman with a similar illness would be having a hard time keeping up with the workout routine. I’m not a professionally trained athlete…

Maybe Venus will take it upon herself to spread the word about the disorder and autoimmune diseases in general…


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