Headaches · Lupus · Rheumy

Long day.

Oh boy. It’s just after 9 o’clock and I’m already in bed. Woohoo! I lead an exciting life 🙂

Actually today has been pretty busy – too busy, if you ask me and my body. Not only was it my regular 3 month check-up with my rheumy but it was also my first day in my new position (I got promoted!!). But to fit it all in I had to get up at 6 in the morning, travel and hour and a half (there are no rheumys in my town) and then be back by 2 to start my job, and work until 8. I’m exhausted!

Fortunately, my mother wants to come along to all of my appointments. I think since I was admitted to the ER during one of my regular visits last year she refuses to let me go up to my appointments alone. And I don’t mind having company, it’s a long drive and if something does happen it’s good to have support right there.

My appointment was just the norm – blood draws, urine samples (because I have potential kidney involvement) and the routine – “How ya feeling?”

But more on the doctor visit tomorrow. I’m exhausted and once again I have a pretty nasty headache – time to go to bed before it hits migraine status. Does anyone else deal with headaches/ migraines and mental fogginess?

Night nite.


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