Exercise · Work


Life has gotten insane lately – between two jobs, classes for my 2nd masters degree, volunteering/helping with the local animal shelter, trying to have a life with friends and loved ones, and ohhh breathing. It’s hard to fit anything else in.

Keeping myself busy is good – but a part of me worries that if I don’t slow down a little that I could be risking another flare up. I’ve been blissfully in remission for most of this year. But just the other day – when the weather changed (stupid low front) – my joints in my hands, feet, and ankles began to ache. Don’t get me wrong- it was nothing compared to the pain that I was in during my flares but just that little bit of discomfort caused me to remember it all.

How quickly the memory of severe pain fades once it stops – but with the slightest hint of pain returning you begin to remember it all. I do almost anything not to feel that way again.

So I’m going to slow down (if just a little bit) take some time for myself where I can just sit down and read or watch TV.

Happy health everyone!


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