Antiphospholipid Syndrome · Joint pain · Lupus · Owie


Please don’t let this be a flare.

I woke up this morning feeling achy – and things just got worse from there. My job isn’t very physical and sitting at a computer for the majority of the day doesn’t bode well for my circulation. About half way through the day my legs began to cramp up – an odd sensation, painful yet almost like they’re falling asleep. At the same time my joints – in my hands, hips, ankles and toes are stiff and hard to move.

I wonder if any of this has anything to do with the fact I got a flu shot yesterday. Going to bed now – hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I’ll feel better.


4 thoughts on “Flare?

  1. Watch out for possible signs of peripheral neuropathy in your legs from the lupus and tell your rheumy about these sensations. My two cents worth of advice. Sorry you are having a rough day.

    1. Thanks for the advice – I didn’t know about that little complication. :-/ I’ve had a couple of DVT’s and have always assumed that the strange sensatations were from that. I’ll more into periperal neuropathy now too. Thanks again!

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