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Rheumy office continued…

Looking back through my past posts, I realize that I didn’t finish my story about the rheumy’s office. I got so caught up in the problems with getting a diagnosis that I forgot to tell you the reason that I started the story to begin with.

Normally I’m the first one to say that nurses are invaluable to a doctor’s office. They are truly the ones who CARE for the patient (not that doctors don’t care, they’re just so busy to focus that intently on an individual). So what I’m about to say is something completely unlike myself. The nurses at my rheumy’s office are rude,obnoxious, and down right nasty.

During my three month checkup – I came to the office a bit early to check in because I knew that I had insurance changes. I was grilled by the two main office receptionists (nurses also) about why I changed and (since it was supplemental insurance to another policy) why I would get additional insurance. What is it any of their business – and why do I need to remind them that seeing a specialist is expensive? They also sit around and discuss patient information and other important material so loud that I’m pretty sure I could tell you information of half the patients there. The patients waiting to be seen sit quietly and patiently for their turn, while the office staff run around making a fuss.

The nurses who usher me to see the doctor or lab are no better. No humor or “bedside manner” so you might say. Honestly the only reason I’ve stayed at the office is because of my new rheumy. She is kind and listens to me when I ask questions. And she is the one that finally confirmed the diagnosis of lupus – she reviewed my labs with me and discussed my options and what happens next. If it weren’t for her, I would have abandoned ship long ago.

What’s your rheumy like? How were you initially directed to them – friends, doctor’s referral and are you happy with their service? Because no matter what, they still work for us – if you don’t like their bedside manner or their methods, a second opinion is always possible.


One thought on “Rheumy office continued…

  1. My family physician referred me, and I really like my rheumy, I have been with him 20 years. He encourages my participation in developing my treatment plan, and really listens to me.

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