Joint pain · Lupus

Accidental Experiment

Well I did a major “Ooops” and ordered refills on my medicine later than I should have (granted it doesn’t help when the pharmacy forgets to fill it the first time you called). I have just enough of my coumadin to make it through the weekend but I’m out of Plaquenil until I can get it refilled. And the pharmacist has to renew the prescription from my doctor.

Now your probably asking “why don’t you just go to the pharmacy and request that they give you enough to last until they get the refill finished” – and that would have been good except I was in class (yes, class) until 9 and didn’t have chance to go to the pharmacy. So instead I am going to go a couple days with of Plaquenil. I’m curious as to how it will effect me… Will my joints start hurting again? Is Plaquenil that effective that it stays in the body for a while after the last dose or will my joints start hurting right away?

We’ll see, hopefully neither – I hate to say it but I’m already having some pain in the joints of my wrist and my hands 😦 maybe it’s just psychosomatic…


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