Joint pain · Lupus · Owie

What then?

Well, my “experiment” has quickly gone awry. After a day and a half with no Plaquenil my severe joint pain has come back. A part of me was curious if it was helping or if I had just gotten better (somewhere along the line hoping that the lupus diagnosis was incorrect)… But now that the pain is back with a vengeance (despite being in a laboratory confirmed “remission”) I realize that I DID feel better because of the medicine and that I DO need them.

I’m not one who likes to be on medicine – especially medicine I’m not sure I need. It’s just the way I was raised – my mother is the same way- when I was young and I had a headache, I would go as long as possible with pain medication hoping that it would clear up on it’s own. So being dependent on medication now is difficult for me.

And even more distressing – what if Plaquenil should ever stop working for me? What then?


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