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That pretty much describes how I felt most of the day. I found out today not only had my rheumy not been receiving the faxes from my pharmacy but when they finally did get the request they declined to refill it. WHaT?!

Yeah – my rheumy decided that since I hadn’t been able to get my yearly eye check up that I shouldn’t be able to refill my Plaquenil – they only medicine that rids me of the inflammatory arthritis. And thus condemning me to severe pain until I was able to visit my eye doctor. All of this for the off chance that the Plaqenil might be damaging my eyes. Surprising to me since my first rheumy said that it is a very, very rare side effect and most likely not something that would happen… So because of this rare chance, I should be completely taken off my lupus meds? I think it’s a stupid decision. Do they think I’m refusing to get the exam? I have it scheduled – just not apparently soon enough for my rheumy.

Things this last month have a b*tch. But hey, my birthday is in less than two weeks. So things have to get better – right?

(On a more positive note: several of the dogs that we photographed this last week were adopted! It looks like the fancy shelter photos might be helping – we are going to have to go back for more pictures soon)


One thought on “Complications

  1. I would call them back and tell them you have the appointment scheduled on such and such a day and ask them to refill your Plaquenil. The low risk to your eye health does not justify the high risk of withholding the baseline drug for lupus. I would tell them exactly that and be assertive (but nice.) Be tenacious, just don’t go away and if necessary ask to speak to the doctor if his staff says no, or ask for him to call you back to discuss it. My unsolicited two-cents worth… :-/

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