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Fevers and infections oh my.

I hate calling in to work sick.

This morning I woke up at around 2:30, with a sore throat so bad I was unable to swallow. Great. I definitely don’t have time for this right now. But – I made some beef broth (at 3 in he morning, I’m sure my cat and dog were completely confused), and the warmth and salty-ness soothed it enough for me to go back to sleep.

But when I woke up at 7 – it was back, and this time I had a fever. So I decided for the sake of my co-workers health I would stay home from work. Even though I had a good reason, staying home from work always makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong.

Well, after a visit to the doctor the diagnosis was clear – I have an ear infection, that is beginning to move into my throat. A part of me wonders if this has anything to do with with the fluctuation in my medications. It’s probably nothing but coincidence but you have to admit it’s odd timing.

(Good news, Sprint is getting an iPhone!! Finally!!)


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