Well, yesterday was my monthly INR check up and lo-and-behold… It was too low. 1.5 to be exact so now it’s back to getting it checked every 2 weeks.

Even though the doctors offices are fairly close to my house, it is still a pain to get checked. Especially since every time I go in I am the youngest person in the waiting room. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind having a waiting room that is NOT filled for the brim with kids. But when I’m usually the youngest by at least 20 to 30 years, it begins to make you think. These people have lived long full lives and are dealing with the illnesses of old age – I on the other hand am at least a generation younger and I’m dealing with problems that are just as serious as theirs.


One thought on “Low

  1. Hey there – I’m another SLE lupus & APS clotting patient – diagnosed after a DVT/PE at 29 and am now 31. Just found your blog – this post definitely resonates…. I definitely have the same thoughts when I go for my PT/INR checks. Thanks for sharing your story!

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