Last Friday I began to experience horrible back pain along with some minor abdomen discomfort. At first I suspected my newly inserted IUD but after a quick appointment with my ObGyn she said everything looked normal. That didn’t explain the back pain or the constant urge to use the restroom… Friday night was the last straw – while sitting in class I could barely pay attention. Eventually I had to leave, opting to go to the Emergency Care Clinic and meet my mom there. While I was signing in she arrived and promptly told me that we were going to the ER (apparently I looked like shit). A CT scan, 6 morphine shots later – the doctor has decided that I have a kidney stone working its way down from my kidney to my bladder. They pumped me full of Toradol and sent me home with a strainer.

That was three days ago and I still don’t think I’ve passed anything and the constant urge to pee is still there. Beginning to worry that this could cause damage to my system.

Anybody have any suggestions on how to deal with kidney stones?


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