Joint pain · Lupus


Wowie, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. Needless to say life has been pretty good. Minimal amount of pain (joint related anyway). I did have a small bout with kidney stones which the doctor associated with the large amount of Vitamin D I had been taking. I wouldn’t wish those things on my worst enemy.

But the last week or so the joint pain is back – it almost feels like I’ve stopped taking my Plaquenil all together (but of course I didn’t, I’m not that stupid). And joining the pain, the constant need to sleep. I feel lazy but my body just doesn’t want to wake up. Which is unfortunate because the end of the semester is upon us and I have several larger assignments due in about a week.

Time to buckle down. You can sleep when you’re dead – or at the very least after the classes are finished.


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