Construction and Flare?

Well after a year of living in my house we have finally started remodeling the basement/laundry room. Thanks to my SO, who finally got the ball rolling for us! He has much more experience in construction – so what I didn’t feel comfortable doing, he took the lead in.

He got the ball rolling this Saturday while I was in class. I came home to a laundry room freshly stripped of almost all of its drywall. But since we were going to movies that night, we called it a day and decided to finish cleaning and trashing the drywall on Sunday.


After a day of hauling drywall, sweeping and pulling out screws, the place is almost ready. After we seal the concrete (and then wait for a big storm, to check for leaks) more drywall will go up in its place.

But of course I can’t get through construction with out trying to kill myself. In an attempt to keep the dogs out of the way we put up a baby gate. One that I promptly tripped and fell over. That, in addition to loads drywall being hauled up stairs. My left leg looks battered.


In addition, all of Monday felt like a fog. It was almost as if I was underwater. Did I over do it? It was hot and humid on Sunday but not overly so… Does anyone out there have any information on bruising and APS? Does the presence of bruises increase the likelihood of a clot?


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