Well, call it laziness or whatever. But I’ve been pretty remiss in keeping this blog up to date recently. Part of it is because of my busy hectic life (classes, work, trying to have life besides all that stuff) but also it’s partly because I feel like I’m mostly in remission. Yay!!

My joints still flare up with the storms that pass through but because of the drought this summer, that wasn’t very often. Right now, the only thing that is going on is that I’ve begun taking Vitamin D again. Some of you might remember that I took a high dosage (50,000 IUs a month) of Vitamin D for about 6-8 month after I was diagnosed – unfortunately in mid -January I developed kidney stones. While it wasn’t ever determined without a doubt that the Vitamin D was the cause of the stones, it did seem like a likely culprit since I had never had problems before.

Since then I’ve recently begun to notice weight gain and sluggishness. So I’ve decided to give Vitamin D a second chance, albeit, at a much lower dose. Hopefully this will give me the benefits of the Vitamin D without the horrible side effect of kidney stones … Let me tell you, that thing was a major bitch!!


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