Moving and Stuff

Well we are finally in the process of moving my guy’s stuff from his house to mine! Since he is moving from another town (about 45 minutes away) we’ve been slowly moving car loads of boxes down to my house over a period of time…. we’ll we won’t ever do that again. The process of moving has been so dragged out that we are both SICK TO DEATH of it! But this weekend is the last batch of big stuff and then we’ll be able to work towards getting OUR house straightened up again. – – I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a neat freak and have the house in disarray for over a month has driven me a little cRaZie. – –

The Lupus, fortunately, has been in remission. I had a bout of the cold/flu that has been going around but other than that I’ve been relatively healthy (knock on wood). I’m trying to get back in the habit of checking my blood more regularly – or at least remembering my appointments. It has been pretty stable lately, which is good news since the guy and I are going Maryland in a few weeks to visit family. I’ll feel more comfortable sitting on a plane knowing that my blood levels are right on (2.5 for me). It’s the first time since being diagnosed that I’ve been on a plane… And I wonder, should I tell the airline that I have a disorder that causes blood clots?


4 thoughts on “Moving and Stuff

  1. How long is the flight? If you are needing to get up and walk around periodically you may want to mention your clotting disorder to the flight attendants.
    I was scared to fly after my stroke but I’ve flown twice and while the experience is still a bit rough for me, it’s been successful. Just remember to stay hydrated and keep the blood flowing in those limbs. (Things you already know of course)
    Have a fun trip!

    1. Oh the flight is only to Maryland so probably about 3 hours in the air. I planned on letting the airline know – or at least the flight attendant so they didn’t freak out when I hop up to walk every hour or so… Just anxious since this is my first time flying since my blood clots (geez, was that really over two years ago?!?).

      1. Sometime, if you have time, I feel like we should have a blood clot conversation. Even though the doctors “think” I’ll be okay, I’m still a bit of a head scratcher for them so I like to learn about other people’s experiences just in case.

      2. I agree. I always feel like I’m over-reacting… Or at least I think other people seem to think I’m over- reacting about my blood clot issues… But they are something that scares me even worse than the lupus. One, because you never truly know when one is going to strike and you have to be very vigilant to catch them. You have to know your body better than ever. I am always afraid that I am over-reacting… But it was the over-reaction that caught the first clot. The first doctor thought it was nothing. We should definitely talk sometime!

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