To flu or not to flu

Well the last few days have been interesting. My fiancé has been sick as a dog with what we came to find out was “influenza type A” and at the same time we were hit what has been the most snow this season.

Wednesday night in preparation for the storm I went and got a few grocery essentials – bread, meat… My favorite wine ( I know, I know -I’m on Coumadin and a shouldn’t be drinking. But I never have more than one glass.) Well, we wake up on Thursday and not only is there about a foot of snow on the ground but the fiancé is feeling even worse. I decide that it is time for the doctors – fortunately we found one that was still open. We are lucky we only live a few blocks from the doctors offices and hospital because the snow was so bad that we barely made it out of the driveway! But we did make it and his test came back positive for the flu. Tamiflu and rest were prescribed. Back home I get him in bed – then he starts doing something terrifying – he starts hallucinating and talking crazy. He fever must have peaked. After calming him down, I get cool rags and fans to start to bring his temperature down. The fever broke sometime last night and now he’s feeling much better but exhausted.

Although I got a flu shot this season I’m not feeling too woopie right now – battling a headache and leg cramps …. Leg cramps are probably from overdoing the shoveling today. Hopefully the flu shot will do its job and protect me bug.

Hope everyone out there is staying healthy too.


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