Dizziness and Meds

. Since last Wednesday, I’ve had often and on bouts of dizziness and vertigo. I have no idea what it could be…. It has actually been more of a nuisance than anything, yesterday was actually worrying. I got so dizzy that at times I thought I was going to have to lay down… while I was at work. AND to top it all off, driving seemed to be hazardous. Today has been better, although the dizziness isn’t completely gone it is back to just being annoying.

Also – bad time I know, since I’m battling the dizziness – but I’ve decided to see what I would feel like off the Plaquenil. I KNOW, I KNOW. Right now I am on two 200 mg doses of Plaquenil daily and I am not having any pain in my joints. I want to see if that is because of the medicine or if perhaps JUST MAYBE, I’ve gotten better. I know it’s wishful thinking but I would like to not be dependent on medication for the rest of my life and if I do get better how will I know if I’m on a meds?!

So today is technically day three without my Plaquenil and I’ve noticed some possible stiffening of my joints but so far no pain. 


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