Well its been a long time since I’ve had to write this but…. I’m in a flare. Some times I talk about flare as though I can’t tell, or maybe I’m unsure whether or not it’s just the flu or something. Well this one I am positive. My joints haven’t been this swollen since I was first diagnosed.  That, along with the swelling in my legs – it has been kind of a bad last few weeks. At first I was ok to blame the weather, living in Kansas means you have deal with the crazy bi-polar weather. Yesterday it was sunny and 75… but oh look there is a tornado watch this morning followed by thunder snow and a possible blizzard. *sigh* Not good for someone with joint problems. 

But after several weeks of these symptoms I feel comfortable in saying – it’s not just the weather. I’m in a flare. 

Heading to the Rheumy in a few weeks – the soonest I can get my crazy schedule and her appointment calendar to mesh – but in the meantime, it’s lots of rest and keeping my feet elevated. I’m not really concerned about the joint pain… it’s painful, but Lupus joint pain usually isn’t damaging to the joints. Inflammation and pain, yes. Lasting damage to the joints, No. I’m more concerned with the swollen legs – they been swollen for a couple weeks pretty consistently (raising the eases the pain of the swelling, but usually by the end of the day it is back).  I’m worried that this might be a signal that I’m have blood clotting issues again. :-/


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