Lupus · Sicky

Feeling bad for feeling bad. 

I don’t know if you can call this a Lupus related post or not. Last week my husband and I got to go on vacation!!  And we chose …. New York City! It had been ages since I had visited and my husband hadn’t been since he was 9! 

We did some tourist stuff… Walked around Times Square. But mostly we played it easy. 


The Cloisters were beautiful on a rainy Tuesday morning.  

But the second day we were there I started to develop a sore throat and stuffy ears. I blamed it on the wind at first and then allergies. It was annoying but not debilitating and I let it go. 

Let me tell you flying with aching ears is a bit€h. 

When we got home I saw the doctor – got allergy meds – got worse – saw another doctor – got antibiotics. Doc decided that whatever it started out as it had progressed to my lungs and was the start of bronchitis. I was told to take meds and stay home for two days. 

And here is where my conscience kicked it. I’m Midwestern – missing work is a horrible thing! While I had gone to work Monday – I took Tuesday off to go to the doctor and then rest. When the doctor told me to take another day off I panicked. I had just gotten back from vacation! I had already missed over a week of work and I had an important assignment  due on Wednesday! I COULDN’T MISS WORK! 

So I went to work. Against doctors orders. 

I had gotten the assignment done around lunch and thought about cutting out early to go home and rest but I figured I was already there no use in leaving early. So I stayed. Mistake. 

Wednesday night my cough kicked back in with vengeance and my ears (which had gotten significantly better since New York) started hurting all over again. So here I am – Thursday – missing another day of work because I didn’t listen to my doctor. 

In some ways this does tie in with Lupus. Many others out there have the same problem missing work as I do – they feel lazy or like they are slacking off when their health means they have to take a time-out. Maybe even co- workers make fun of you for missing days. Ignore them- do what’s best for your health. If you have sick days – use them if you need to, don’t hoard them.  

It’s advice I’m trying to take myself.


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