Right to the Ribs

… And not the delicious finger licking kind either.  

Did you ever wake up in the morning and feel like Bruce Lee just roundhouse kicked you in the ribs. 


We’re supposed to be getting some bad weather in the next few days and Mother Nature thinks it’s a great idea to make me a human pain barometer every time! 

Hope you all are feeling better than this! 


2 thoughts on “Right to the Ribs

  1. Yes, it’s what I call a fibro-hug or a loopie-hug. I woke up a week ago in the middle of the night with what felt like a heart attack only in my mind I knew it wasn’t. I knew what it was. I tried to sit up but it had a grip on me. Once released I was exhausted and out of breath. For the last week after that attack I have had Loopie-flu. Does this happen with you? Where you have the flu only you don’t? You have the aches and pains of flu, the fatigue and the weakness but no fever?

    1. Loopie flu?! It seems like I’ve been having it a lot lately. With you fibro/loopie hug.. Do experience shortness of breath? I’ve been struggling for about 6 months with of and on shortness of breath.

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