Day 2

Day after surgery. Already looking better! Kinda surprised some I don’t heal very fast at all! One pleasant side effect – if you look past the horrible cut – Angelina Jolie lips. At least until the swelling goes down.  



2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Hi,

    How is your lip doing now? May I see a before picture?

    I’m getting a granuloma removed as well, but I’m terrified of the outcome.

    1. My lip is doing much better. See the latest post for a picture. I would recommend to NOT to do a biopsy scraping. If you are going to do something about it – have it removed completely and then have them biopsy it. When they did a biopsy scraping it just made it worse and I had to live with a bleeding nasty lip for about three months before the plastic surgeon could get me in.

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