Owie · Pyogenic granuloma

Fat Lip Girl

So it’s been a while since I wrote because I’ve been dealing with some health issues. Surprise, right!? 

Back in April I noticed a smallish blue/purple bump forming on my lip. It didn’t hurt and I thought it was a bruise at first. But it didn’t go away and by July I decided that I need to see some one about it. My primary care doctor recommended a dermatologist… A few weeks later the dermatologist biopsied it and the results came back benign but the process of collecting the tissue sample inflamed the area and it began to grow and bleed almost constantly. 

Yea, its gross but at least it’s not bleeding in this pic.

I journeyed another hour away to see another doctor and was told that it had progressed into a pyogenic granuloma. But since it was in the middle of my face, he felt that I should see a plastic surgeon for the removal. 

So after 4 doctors visits and almost 6 months this is what I’m left with.  

Sure… this is better.

Hopefully the healing process will go well and it won’t return. A pyogenic granuloma is a inflammation and irregular growth of vessels and capillaries in a localized area. They don’t currently know what causes them (although they tend to be found commonly in pregnant women – and NO! I’m not!) I’m curious if it could have any link to my Lupus or APS…. 


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