300 days later 

300 days after my lip surgery I have a small white scar that is slowly fading away. While I was hoping to not have any leftover marks on my lip, I’m just happy that the granuloma didn’t come back! 


2 thoughts on “300 days later 

  1. Who was your plastic surgeon? How much did you pay to get it removed? I’ve consulted a PS in LA but he wants $5000 which I can’t afford.

    1. Honestly I don’t remember the exact amount – the only bill I’ve found was about 50.00 out of pocket. My heath insurance covered most of it since it was a medical procedure. If you haven’t, I would recommend seeing a dermatologist first then the dermatologist can refer you to a plastic surgeon. Some dermatologists may be comfortable doing the surgery but my doctors felt that since it was in a bad location (middle of my lower lip) the plastic surgeon was the safer option. Also I’m in Kansas so I would guess plastic surgery around here *might* be cheaper than LA. Good luck!

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