Hello there! I an a 20 something woman who was recently diagnosed with Systemic Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome. In addition to working full time at 2 different libraries, I am also working towards my second Masters degree (this time in Library Science).


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  1. Hello Jayme,

    Thank you for sharing your blog, it is always very interesting to know that there are more people out there with the same condition.

    I am 37 years old and was diagnosed with APS and SLE after a sudden DVT on my left leg. it was a shock to discover that I now have to live with taking Coumadin/Warfarin for the rest of my life and with all the symptoms that come along each day.

    I have a full time job, a house, husband and son to look after!

    What is good to know is that we can compare ourselves and ask for advice within the blogs and FB pages, which I myself find very useful. Especially as I am a born worrier.

    Hope you have a good day today, Debbie

  2. I think that your blog is so admirable and courageous as you are a voice that needs to be heard. I applaud you for increasing awareness!

  3. Hi Jayme,

    Your blog is very inspiring and I would like to share with you an infographic for Lupus Awareness Month. The company I work for – Handle My Health – created the piece to raise awareness and we would love for you to check it and share with your followers if you like it too. Thank you:) http://visual.ly/lupus-0

  4. My name is Maria and I work for lupuschick.com. I do on the spotlight interviews for people with all different types of chronic illnesses. I was wondering I could interview you for the website. Please check out other stories I have done here:http://www.lupuschick.com/#!blank/c190 and email me if you would like to do an interview. Usually I just email back and forth for the interview.
    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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