Antiphospholipid Syndrome · Exercise


Well it’s that’s time of season. I’m getting married in October and in order to look my best, it’s time to start working out and dieting.

Recently I’ve taken up running – I’m already three weeks into a program that will get me prepared for a 5k race. I’ve been trying take it slow and yet remain on schedule with the program. I’ve had some slight pain in my hips and knees but surprisingly little – given my joint problems. One worrisome thing – the last few days my legs seem to be swollen. I’m going to keep my eye on it but I’m not sure why that would be. I’m not feeling pain of the pain that I had when I was first diagnosed with blood clots but nonetheless I’ll keep my eye on it (also, note to self, it might be time to get a fabric measurement tape to keep track of my dimensions – to record if I am swelling and if I’m losing any inches in other areas!)

My best!

Exercise · Life

House painting time.

Spent the majority of the day painting the house. Couple peaks and the north side yet to do. Looking good – although I do think I’ll have to repaint my front door…

Also I expect my joints will probably be sore from holding a paint brush all day. But lately I’ve been experience a new symptom (maybe,?). My hands, usually at night, go cold almost to the point of being numb but with relatively no pain.

Feels strange – I’ll watch it to see if it progresses…


Exercise · Work


Life has gotten insane lately – between two jobs, classes for my 2nd masters degree, volunteering/helping with the local animal shelter, trying to have a life with friends and loved ones, and ohhh breathing. It’s hard to fit anything else in.

Keeping myself busy is good – but a part of me worries that if I don’t slow down a little that I could be risking another flare up. I’ve been blissfully in remission for most of this year. But just the other day – when the weather changed (stupid low front) – my joints in my hands, feet, and ankles began to ache. Don’t get me wrong- it was nothing compared to the pain that I was in during my flares but just that little bit of discomfort caused me to remember it all.

How quickly the memory of severe pain fades once it stops – but with the slightest hint of pain returning you begin to remember it all. I do almost anything not to feel that way again.

So I’m going to slow down (if just a little bit) take some time for myself where I can just sit down and read or watch TV.

Happy health everyone!

Exercise · Headaches · INR · Lupus · Rheumy · Warfarin

Record breaking.

So be amazed. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time – and I’ve actually started many of them… I just unfortunately forgot to write or do anything with them. So ladies and gents – it amazes me that I have the ability to remember to do this one… For now.

So the exercising/ trying to be healthier continues and yes, my legs and abs are STILL sore. I’m weak – there’s no denying that. But in spite of the pain I’ve managed to go swimming last night and get a little strength training into today. Yeah I’ll say it – woohoo for me!

But unfortunately my headaches are back and in my experience that usually means my INR has gone back down. So I get checked Friday… Does introducing a new workout and diet (just watching calories) change the way the coumadin is metabolized? I’ll try to look that up and find the answer.

Also, back to visit my rheumy this next week for my regular visit – more vampires, oh goodie.

Nightie night…