Headaches · Warfarin


Well it’s that time of year that I get super busy. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Finals … So what do I do? I forget to take my meds.

I’ve been on Coumadin for over a year now and within the last month I’ve managed to forget to take two doses.

Last night my problem was how tired I was. I fell asleep on my couch at 9:00, woke up at 1 and went to bed. All good right? Not when I normally take my meds at 10. So to today I’ve been battling a headache. I don’t doubt that it’s because of my missing doses…

Headaches · Lupus · Rheumy

Long day.

Oh boy. It’s just after 9 o’clock and I’m already in bed. Woohoo! I lead an exciting life 🙂

Actually today has been pretty busy – too busy, if you ask me and my body. Not only was it my regular 3 month check-up with my rheumy but it was also my first day in my new position (I got promoted!!). But to fit it all in I had to get up at 6 in the morning, travel and hour and a half (there are no rheumys in my town) and then be back by 2 to start my job, and work until 8. I’m exhausted!

Fortunately, my mother wants to come along to all of my appointments. I think since I was admitted to the ER during one of my regular visits last year she refuses to let me go up to my appointments alone. And I don’t mind having company, it’s a long drive and if something does happen it’s good to have support right there.

My appointment was just the norm – blood draws, urine samples (because I have potential kidney involvement) and the routine – “How ya feeling?”

But more on the doctor visit tomorrow. I’m exhausted and once again I have a pretty nasty headache – time to go to bed before it hits migraine status. Does anyone else deal with headaches/ migraines and mental fogginess?

Night nite.

Headaches · Joint pain

Bad Day :(

Ugh –

Today has been exhausting and I didn’t even get to do anything! Woke up at 4am, wide awake. Tried to go back to sleep and I *think* that I managed to get a little bit of sleep in…

But after a quick journey downtown with my parents to visit the Great American Market event. I was exhausted so I came home and settled in to veg out in front of the T.V.  and promptly fell asleep.

Headaches, allergies (I love this cooler weather we’re having but I also like breathing) combined with achy joints from the weather front that just moved through –  tonight’s post is limited..

More tomorrow…if I don’t die working out at boot camp :-/

Headaches · INR · Lupus

The INR dance.

For my fellow loopies that don’t have clotting issues or APS… After my initial blood clot and because of several episodes before that, my doctors determined that I needed to be on Coumadin (aka Warfarin) , a blood thinner, for an extended period of time. With most clotting episodes (those without autoimmune issues) the patient is kept on the meds for 3-6 months to allow the clot to dissolve. In my case it will probably be for life. So in comes the issue of monitoring – frankly, Coumadin is a poison that if left unmonitored can possibly cause life threatening problems such as hemorrhaging. But with regular monitoring – INR checkups – one could potentially be ok on it for life.

Insert monthly checkups here… That is if your INR is stable. Which – lucky me – mine is not. So because my body can’t seem to regulate the meds – my INR fluctuates and I have been going in for checkups every week or every other week. Not easy with a busy schedule like mine. Unfortunately monitoring INR isn’t as easy as monitoring a diabetics glucose – although the machines do look pretty similar and the method is the same, a finger prick. INR machines are still very expensive (talking a couple thousand).

Today’s INR was OK. The range for a person not on Coumadin can very but is usually around the 1 area (I think). The range for a person on Coumadin therapy is between 2 and 3. My INR today was 2.1 – just barely in the range. Personally I feel better when it is closer to 3, less headaches, less tingling sensations in my legs, less lupus fog. But getting my doctor to agree/be comfortable at the level has been a battle.

Is anyone else reading this on Coumadin therapy? What does your INR normally run? And do you feel better/more comfortable at higher levels too?

Exercise · Headaches · INR · Lupus · Rheumy · Warfarin

Record breaking.

So be amazed. I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time – and I’ve actually started many of them… I just unfortunately forgot to write or do anything with them. So ladies and gents – it amazes me that I have the ability to remember to do this one… For now.

So the exercising/ trying to be healthier continues and yes, my legs and abs are STILL sore. I’m weak – there’s no denying that. But in spite of the pain I’ve managed to go swimming last night and get a little strength training into today. Yeah I’ll say it – woohoo for me!

But unfortunately my headaches are back and in my experience that usually means my INR has gone back down. So I get checked Friday… Does introducing a new workout and diet (just watching calories) change the way the coumadin is metabolized? I’ll try to look that up and find the answer.

Also, back to visit my rheumy this next week for my regular visit – more vampires, oh goodie.

Nightie night…