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House painting time.

Spent the majority of the day painting the house. Couple peaks and the north side yet to do. Looking good – although I do think I’ll have to repaint my front door…

Also I expect my joints will probably be sore from holding a paint brush all day. But lately I’ve been experience a new symptom (maybe,?). My hands, usually at night, go cold almost to the point of being numb but with relatively no pain.

Feels strange – I’ll watch it to see if it progresses…


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Fevers and infections oh my.

I hate calling in to work sick.

This morning I woke up at around 2:30, with a sore throat so bad I was unable to swallow. Great. I definitely don’t have time for this right now. But – I made some beef broth (at 3 in he morning, I’m sure my cat and dog were completely confused), and the warmth and salty-ness soothed it enough for me to go back to sleep.

But when I woke up at 7 – it was back, and this time I had a fever. So I decided for the sake of my co-workers health I would stay home from work. Even though I had a good reason, staying home from work always makes me feel like I’ve done something wrong.

Well, after a visit to the doctor the diagnosis was clear – I have an ear infection, that is beginning to move into my throat. A part of me wonders if this has anything to do with with the fluctuation in my medications. It’s probably nothing but coincidence but you have to admit it’s odd timing.

(Good news, Sprint is getting an iPhone!! Finally!!)

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That pretty much describes how I felt most of the day. I found out today not only had my rheumy not been receiving the faxes from my pharmacy but when they finally did get the request they declined to refill it. WHaT?!

Yeah – my rheumy decided that since I hadn’t been able to get my yearly eye check up that I shouldn’t be able to refill my Plaquenil – they only medicine that rids me of the inflammatory arthritis. And thus condemning me to severe pain until I was able to visit my eye doctor. All of this for the off chance that the Plaqenil might be damaging my eyes. Surprising to me since my first rheumy said that it is a very, very rare side effect and most likely not something that would happen… So because of this rare chance, I should be completely taken off my lupus meds? I think it’s a stupid decision. Do they think I’m refusing to get the exam? I have it scheduled – just not apparently soon enough for my rheumy.

Things this last month have a b*tch. But hey, my birthday is in less than two weeks. So things have to get better – right?

(On a more positive note: several of the dogs that we photographed this last week were adopted! It looks like the fancy shelter photos might be helping – we are going to have to go back for more pictures soon)

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The last few days have been very stressful. I have been struggling with a few personal issues and since I tend to dwell on things I’ve decided that the best option for me is to stay busy. And busy it has been.

Last night I ended up working a 12 hour shift and tonight after work I volunteered at our local animal shelter to photograph dogs that were available for adoption. Tomorrow, work and then class until 9, and Saturday class all day (I’m in Grad school).

Keeping busy is the best way to keep my mind from dwelling on “should haves” and “the what if’s” but unfortunately my body doesn’t usually want to cooperate. So far my energy levels have been ok – a little fatigue during the day and some minor arthritis. Usually the fatigue hits me at night when I get home so it just means going to bed earlier than normal. I hope that my body will hold through his weekend.

Here is just one of the dogs available. He was so sweet, it was hard not to just take him home myself!!