Lupus · Research


I am a walking, talking, sarcastic reminder of what stress can do to a person. Recently, actually just within the last few weeks, my life has gotten much more stressful than it has been in a while. Personal issues and work stress have overwhelmed me and it seems like I am just on autopilot for most of the day.

When I first started getting sick, my mother – bless her – went all “doctor” on me and started giving me suggestions for remedies and other ways to stop the pain in both my legs and my joints. After the blood clot diagnosis, I personally began to suspect Lupus (note: it wasn’t until almost 6 months later, a new doctor, and kidney issues before I got that diagnosis) and so my mother began her research. STRESS – that was it. That was what caused all of it. At the time, almost 2 years ago (hell, has it already been two years?!?) I was under a severe amount of stress. Multiple family deaths, miscarriages (not me), relationship problems – it seemed like karma had organized all its forces against me and my family. BUT, I didn’t believe it. How could something as simple as stress cause me so much pain and cause my body to begin attacking itself.

But now, as my stress levels are back up again, the pain is back. So maybe – and oh how it pains me to admit it – my mother was RIGHT! Along with many other things, stress has been discussed as a trigger for lupus and other autoimmune diseases.

So now just how do I get my stress levels to go down – yoga, meditation, vent on a blog? We’ll see how that works. Until then I’m just trying to go with the flow and hopefully this stress time in my life will pass without causing as much trouble as the last one.

That or maybe I should just move to a Caribbean island and lounge on a white sandy beach, drink in one hand and a book in the other- no worries or stress there. (But damnit, that sun – oh well)