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Books, books and more BOOKS!

As you’ll no doubt have noticed by my recent posts … I love to read. Which is natural since I’m a librarian. But recently I’ve been trying to get more time in since it is the end of the semester. Got to read all the books!

Also the trip was successful! No problems with my legs – APS or Lupus wise. Sore from biking all over the Washington Mall area – yes. It was great finally meet the rest of my SO family and to finally be able to announce to the world that WE ARE ENGAGED! 🙂 – we waited until after I had officially met his Dad to make the announcement on social sites. But I’ve had the ring since early October. It’s good to be able to finally talk about it!!

Ok – more another day… Heading to bed a little early because my legs have felt achy and swollen all day!


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Life can be busy

Sorry haven’t posted in a few days. Life got hectic – I am now working two jobs and going to school full time while working to manage my illness. Oh and have a life. *sigh* And I wonder why I’m having trouble with headaches.

Today was my first day teaching. Ok, actually I just had to teach an instructional seminar on research methods (enthralling, I know) but this was a big deal for me. It was first semi-professional presentation and it went well. But god was I on edge. Even after the presentation was finished I still felt jittery.

Also cool news on the geek front – I got a Nook Color!! Trying it out still but so far so good. Wanna be my Nook Friend? Hit me up! Lol.