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Dizziness and Meds – part deux

Welp I finally gave up and went to the doctor. Seems as though I have a sinus infection that then aggravated a ear infection. So blah. I’ve been on antibiotics and anti dizzy meds (since Friday) but so far it doesn’t seemed to have help.

Also my other little “experiment” is finished – although the pain didn’t come back with a vengeance like it did last time, this time it slowly crept up on me.

Also I have a questions to put out there – I’ve been taking Celexa – to help with my anxiety. But I’m worried that it is the reason I’ve gained weight. I’ve recently begun to train for a 5k and while I’m watching my calories and running 3-4 times a week. I haven’t lost a single pound. Could the Celexa be the culprit AND if so does anyone have experience with Wellbutrin- I’ve read that it doesn’t have the same types of side effects that SSRI’s have!

Any help you can give would be very appreciated!


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